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If I ask my dog “Where’s your baby?” he’ll find her and they’ll cuddle





If I ask my dog “Where’s your baby?” he’ll find her and they’ll cuddle



Born to be a King - Chapter 3


About the Story:

Summary: Threats from worlds unknown set Loki and Barbara off on a quest unlike any other. Racing against time and a great enemy, they must find the Infinity Stones before the universe is once again plunged into chaos.  Sequel to Game of Shadows and Of Madness and Mayhem.  Last installment in the Lokara trilogy.
Pairing: Loki/OC
Rating: MATURE for strong sexual content, violence, peril, language, and thematic elements.
Category: Drama/Adventure/Romance/Action/Humor/Action/Mythology
Disclaimer: I do not own Loki, other Marvel characters and The Avengers storyline.  All other characters and places are entirely my own creation.

Previous Chapters: Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2


Thor summoned Loki soon after sunrise, nervous yet elated. He was going to Earth once more on another one of his visits to spend time with his lady, but this time he would not return alone.

"Why was it so necessary to drag me all the way here to tell me you’ll be rutting with your little human crumpet for a few days before you bring her so you can keep rutting with her here on a regular basis? Hardly a reason to pull me from a most satisfying breakfast" a clearly irritated Loki asked the moment he walked into Thor’s chamber.

"If it’s your favorite breakfast that I’m keeping you from, then help yourself" Thor said, making a sweeping motion over the large table filled with all sorts of eats. Loki looked over the vast assortment of food, and to his great surprise, it was filled with all his favorite breakfast dishes: Honey roasted fowl stuffed with wild Horringur berries, herb potatoes, crepes topped with sweet cream, lemon tarts, and all sorts of his favorite pastries and fruits.

"Mmmm…" he twirled his fingers in midair, deciding whether to pull a piece of fowl or crepe first, then noticed Thor was observing him through the mirror, where he stood adjusting his armor.

"Yes, Loki, I still remember your favorite foods. I also remember the nightmare you were to the cooks when we were younger because they never poached your eggs to your standard of perfection"

"Is that so?" Loki retorted, popping a berry into his mouth "I remember you throwing full plates of food onto the floor when your ham wasn’t tender enough. Oh, and I remember you reaching under the servant maids’ skirts instead of reaching for the bread" he then noticed the odd-looking rectangular object topped with some sort of glaze that was on Thor’s plate.

"What is that?" he asked, holding it up.

"Poptarts!" Thor exclaimed excited "they are a most delicious human food. Jane always makes sure to provide me with enough to sustain me till my next visit. Hopefully she has stocked on enough of them to bring here since we shan’t return to Earth for quite some time"

"They seem absolutely repulsive" Loki wrinkled his nose and tossed it back onto the table "so you brought me here to tell me about your choice in deplorable human cuisine?"

"No, brother. I brought you here because I need you to do something for me"

"When isn’t there?" Loki’s voice dripped with sarcasm "so your idea was to beguile me"

It was not a request, it was an order. In Thor’s absence, Loki was to remain in the palace to make sure preparations for his upcoming nuptials were a success and to oversee all matters of state.

"Surely you’re simply jesting" Loki asked aghast, staring straight at Thor’s reflection in the mirror "you really are the fool I always took you for"

"Oh come now Loki, don’t look so downcast. Who else is more fit for the task than my brother who has already done this? I thought you’d be content knowing that you’ll be left in charge in my absence. Just resist the urge to steal my throne or place a spell on the wine, will you? I wouldn’t want our guests to see serpents slithering out of their cups when they raise them to toast Jane"

"Now why would I do that when I can simply place them inside your bride’s gown? Now that’s a first impression they will surely remember"

"Oh, I’m sure you’ll do something which is why I decided to take precautionary measures…" in an instant, Thor whipped about and pushed Loki back onto the wall. Before Loki could react, Thor grabbed his wrists, snapping a pair of wristbands into place. Magically, they molded onto his wrists tightly and he felt the surge that rushed from them into his arms and upwards. His own magic was being restrained.

"What is this?!" Loki snarled, tugging at one to rip it off.

"Precautionary measures" Thor smiled innocently "I hope you like them. I had them made just for you. Not only will they keep your magic at bay, but they will detain you if you try to leave the palace. Oh, and if you so much as think of crossing me or doing something that goes against me, like say, you try to take over in my absence, they will deliver just the right amount of corrective energy to immobilize you until I return. You should try it and see how it tastes. It has quite an invigorating tingle to it"

Loki gave Thor his best murderous glare. “Are you putting me under house arrest? If keeping me subdued while you’re gone is what you want, why not leave me in the prison where you’ve kept me all this time?”

"Why would I do that when you’ve already found a way to pass the barrier? Like I said brother, I need you here to make sure it all goes perfectly. And you WILL make sure it all goes perfectly. Whether you want to, or not" Thor replied, then tapped one of the wristbands. It instantly sent a small current of power up Loki’s arm, and he couldn’t help but flinch at the painful sting that rushed up his limb. To his surprise, he also noticed that the cuffs had changed to the color of his skin, blending perfectly to avoid being noticed by any. He raised an eyebrow at that. At least the oaf didn’t wish to ridicule him in front of everyone. Still, he pulled his sleeves and vambraces over them.

Thor finished fixing his wrap, took Mjolnir from its stand and made for the doors. Before he called for the guards to open them he stopped, suddenly remembering one last instruction.

"By the way, Jane loves white roses. Make sure there are plenty of those"

Loki reached for one of the knives on the table. With perfect accuracy it flew out of his hand, and Thor ducked just in time to avoid being stabbed in the neck with it.

"Will you have me be your servant as well?! Shall I fetch your wine for you in the presence of your guests?!" Loki hissed through clenched teeth as the wristbands delivered a surge of pain.

"Hmm" Thor mused "not a bad idea. It might teach you a lesson in humility, one you so desperately need to learn. Till I return, brother"

With that, Thor gave Loki an exaggerated bow, chuckled and exited, leaving an enraged Loki behind. He seethed, clenching his hands into fists and gritting his teeth. This was outrageous, unbearable and utterly humiliating. Not only was he forced to watch the one person he loathed entirely sitting on the throne that was once his, but he was now forced into the position of being the only person he depended on. Loki wanted, needed to destroy something. If this pattern of good deeds and noble compliance continued for much longer, he would be unable to stop himself and explode in an eruption of rampage and destruction. His senses tingled with delight at the mere idea, but then he flinched and almost fell to his knees when another burst of painful energy shot out from the wristbands and into his arms.

"Fucking bloody oaf" he hissed, rubbing his sore muscles. He glared at the servants who had now entered to remove what remained of the morning meal. With a grunt of rage, Loki turned the table over, sending leftover food and dishes scattering on the floor.

"CLEAN IT UP!" he barked at the servants before he stomped out of Thor’s chambers in the direction of his mother’s.


"Now, now, that wasn’t nice Loki" his mother chastised the second he set foot in her parlor "they’re attendants, not slaves"

"No, that title now belongs to me" he replied with clear venom in his voice. Then he suddenly stopped and stared at her, realizing his mother’s underlying words.

"Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it including the white roses. Thor knew I was watching" she said, giving him a wink.

Loki shook his head in disbelief. Of course the idiot knew. “How about these? Do you think these are a gesture of kindness, mother?” he said, holding his hands up.

"No" Frigga laughed "I told him they wouldn’t be necessary but you know your brother. You can’t really blame him for using caution though, particularly with you. Sit with me"

He obeyed and joined her, resting his head on the back of the divan. Frigga took his hands and sighed upon noticing the almost invisible cuffs around his wrists. Loki was not a creature ruled by control. He could not be tamed, not even by the brother who loved him with all his heart, or by the woman who could move the heavens for him, or the son he lived for. Not even by her, his own mother. How long until his nature took hold of him again? How much longer would this serenity last?

"Now we wait" Loki said, his eyes closed.

Frigga smiled. Indeed we do, she thought.

"How long do you think he’ll be gone?"

"A few days, at least. Thor asked me to make preparations for your stay. Now darling, don’t you worry about a thing. I already took care of everything. The entire floor where your chambers were has been prepared for you, Barbara and Arik. Barbara’s previous chambers have been turned into her own private parlor. Arik’s tutors have already been alerted that he is now to reside in the palace. All the attendants that were with you on the island are currently being brought here…"

Loki’s eyes shot open and he sat up in a flash. “This is being made permanent”

"Why, of course it is. As right hand of the king and as his brother, your place is here. We’re a family. You’re a prince of Asgard. The palace is where you belong"

"I am no longer a prince of Asgard, mother. I’m a prisoner. Don’t you understand that? It is torturous for me to even be here, day in and day out. Seeing you every day is the only pleasure this palace affords me and retiring away from it at sundown is what keeps me sane. What of Barbara? Have you thought how painful it will be for her to simply act like another member of the royal family after being worshipped as a queen? My son being seen as a lesser prince after Thor’s woman breeds? No, mother. This is asking too much. As soon as Thor returns, Barbara and I will return to the island. This is no longer our home"

Frigga’s heart broke. It hurt her to hear him speak like this. But this is how her son was. He was proud and scornful, and yet somehow his words made perfect sense. She nodded in consent, even though her eyes filled with tears. Loki sighed upon seeing the painful effect his stinging words had on his mother. They were hurtful, but they were true. This was the new reality of his existence. He took her hand and brought it to his lips.

"Forgive me, mother. But you must understand. I can’t…" he was unable to explain further when his senses suddenly went on alert. Something was happening. Something big. He focused on the source and zeroed in on it. It was the Observatory. A few moments later, it stopped.

Just then, the doors to Frigga’s parlor opened and in walked a palace guard.

"Prince Loki, Ragnar currently makes his way to the palace. He requests an audience with you. He sends words that it is of the gravest urgency"

"What happened?" Frigga asked, turning to Loki.

"He saw it again" Loki said, mostly to himself.


"The greatest find since the days of the gods, mother" he said with delight. He kissed her hand and followed the guard.

Entering the palace, Ragnar was about to deliver the news that would change his king’s fate forever.

End of Chapter 3







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I think this might be my favourite scene in all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I can’t decide whose reaction I like best: Davy Jones’ look of sheer pride after ruining Will’s tea, Will’s look of “For fuck’s sake, I was drinking that” as it goes flying out of his hand, or Beckett’s look of horror at the sight of wasted tea. 

#British problems on the high seas. 



it’s such a struggle because objectively i recognise that loki is deserving of and entirely responsible for his current predicament and i know that i shouldn’t feel sorry for him because he already feels sorry enough for himself as it is

and yet


accurate summation of the entire fandom’s struggle to not be loki apologists




"He’s a little fighter. He kind of, he wriggles around quite a lot.” - Prince William

its like when you take dogs out of water and they carry on swimming



“once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back.”

Describe my blog in terms of “came for the _____, stayed for the _____”

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Clint, I like your sass

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